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Three Helpful Tips when Choosing a New Exterior Door

Picking the perfect exterior door for your home can be difficult. You have to choose from many options and consider some factors. But, the right door can improve the value of your house, increase its energy efficiency, and boost its value. Below are some tips to help you pick the right exterior door that will make a good first impression:

Do your Homework

Use the internet to get information on exterior doors before you start shopping around. This will help you know exactly which door to choose as well as save money and time. Before shopping for doors, decide whether you want an in-swing or out-swing door or a left or right-handed door. Also, consider the type of materials that fit your needs and budget. What panels do you want on your door? Make sure you determine the reason you need such a door. Are you looking for a replacement to your current door which tends to allow drafts?

Pick the Right Materials

When doing your research, you must also learn about the materials available out there.  When it comes to exterior doors, you can choose from materials such as steel, fiberglass, and wood. These materials have their own benefits and drawbacks.

  • Wood doors. These doors tend to look conventional and classy and can look good in homes. Often, they are very sturdy and secure. But, this kind of door requires lots of maintenance that include regular staining.
  • Fiberglass doors. These are energy-efficient doors and easy to maintain. In terms of these doors, you can choose from various options like wood grain options.
  • Steel doors. These tend to be the strongest and most secure doors. They can withstand any kind of weather and are quite energy-efficient.

Picking the right material for your exterior door at home comes down to your needs in terms of cost, visual appeal, security, and energy efficiency.

Use the Right Accessories

If you want to boost the look of your exterior door, consider using hardware. Think about add-ons such as knockers, decorative glass, mail slots, and handles. These can increase your door’s functionality and look. Other ways to give your new door a unique look is to increase light inside by adding glass sidelights, use an antique handle or knocker or use a smart doorbell or lock for improved security. You can find many options out there that are waiting for you to explore. They can help you come up with a personalized exterior door.

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