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The Most Common Boiler Problems

The boiler is one of the most essential appliances used in modern houses. In the UK, most people keep their boilers running all throughout the year. A hot shower or a relaxing bath in the tub can rejuvenate your senses, and many people throughout the UK have made it a habit to start their day with a steaming hot shower. However, if the boiler stops working spontaneously, it’s going to make your life very difficult. Most of the problems that arise in household boilers are associated with poor maintenance. If you do not get your boiler serviced regularly or take proper care, it’s likely to stop working. Here are some of the most common boiler related problems that are likely to arise.

Boiler Doesn’t Heat Up

A very common issue that occurs in many boilers is when the boiler stops performing its main function, heating up the water. If the water isn’t heating up within the tank, it can be caused due to a number of reasons. The most common causes include a damaged diaphragm or an airlock. If a motorised valve fails, it might also prevent the water from heating up. Modern boilers are built with several failsafes, so if there is an issue with the thermostat, the boiler will stop working as well. You can check the boiler pressure or see if the thermostat is working properly or not before calling a professional heating engineer for boiler repair in Monmouth.

If you don’t know much about different boilers, it might not be a wise decision to meddle with the boiler yourself. Instead, you can call a local company that specialises in repair work to inspect the boiler and fix the problem. Tampering with the boiler can cause even more issues if you don’t know what you are doing.

Banging or Gurgling Noises

If you hear strange banging or gurgling noises in your boiler, you might want to get it checked right away. The most common reason for these noises is probably due to an air blockage. If an air lock occurs, it could lead to kettling and could cause these banging noises within the tank. These issues generally occur in older boiler systems. If you hear a noise that is similar to the noise made by a kettle, you can safely conclude that the problem is caused due to kettling.

Pressure Loss

If you notice the pressure gauge dropping fast, it’s probably due to a leak somewhere in the boiler. Inspecting the entire tank is not going to be easy, so you will probably need help from a professional. Call a reputable company to check the boiler with care and determine the point of leakage. If you have an older boiler that’s been causing a lot of issues, you might want to think about replacing the boiler altogether. These are a few common issues that are likely to arise in different boilers. Get your boiler serviced and checked carefully to avoid major issues with the boiler.

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