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Six Benefits of Installing Granite Countertops in your Kitchen

Most modern kitchens are installed with a granite countertop. Including these countertops into your kitchen remodel will make your home more attractive and inviting. Granite delivers luxury and will help in elevating your kitchen’s design to a new level. But, there are other benefits of granite countertops including the following:

They Add Value to your Kitchen

Granite has the ability to bring the outdoors in and if you want to add outside elements to the inside of your house, choose granite. While having a granite countertop may not add monetary value to your home, it will make your home more appealing to buyers should you decide to sell your home in the future.

They are Durable

Granite is very tough so the surface of a granite countertop won’t be easy to get scratched or chipped. The stone is often applied with a sealer by a professional to extend its life and help it resist stains.

They are Eco-Friendly

As an earth-friendly material, granite has a natural look. Consider the difference between a plain old rock and one which has been tumbled and polished to keep a high sheen, improving the material’s natural pattern. This principle is also applied to a granite countertop for kitchens. This is the reason a granite countertop comes in basic, marbled, or speckled patterns.

They Resist Dirt and Bacteria

A sealed granite countertop has a non-porous surface. Thus, things won’t soak into them. The kitchen is home to bacteria, dirt, and other grime that may be found on countertops. Fortunately, a granite countertop has a smooth, sealed surface that lets you clean up dirt from food preparation and spills easily.

They can be Fixed Easily

In case your granite countertop gets scratches or chips, for some reasons, you can easily contact a professional to fix the flaws for you. These countertops naturally resist these problems but unexpected situations such as a cast iron pot crashing down on your countertops can happen, leaving unsightly chips on the stone. The professional countertop installer you hire before can come to your rescue and make use of a type of putty dyed t match your countertop’s specific color and reseal the stone to protect it from spills.

They are Perfectly Flat

If you have to roll out dough on a flat surface to either make cookies or knead bread, you can depend on your granite countertop to get the job done. This benefit of these countertops is something you want to enjoy whether you enjoy culinary arts as a hobby or you are a professional baker yourself.

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