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Getting Your Home Ready for Inspection

Living in a rental home has its advantages. For a start, if anything breaks down, it’s not your responsibility to pay for it to be fixed or replaced! Indeed, many people have been moving away from paying inflated mortgages and prefer the rental lifestyle instead. Of course, despite the benefits, there are still some headaches to deal with when renting. Having a rental inspection is one of them.

Why Inspections?

The fact is that if you live in a rental home, you don’t actually own it. Many landlords use a real estate agent or a property management agency to look after their portfolio. Part of this process is the inspection, which typically occurs once every three months. It may be inconvenient, but part of the lifestyle of living in a rental home is dealing with such inspections.

During the inspection, an agent will come to the rental property at a pre-arranged time. They will then look around and fill out a report. These days, many such reports are electronic, and photos can be taken that are recorded directly into a database for the landlord to view themselves. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the property is clean and is being maintained properly. It also helps ensure that there are no illegal activities going on.

Preparing for the Inspection

As much of a headache as it is, rental property inspections are very common. You might find yourself rushing around even the day before your inspection dusting, washing, vacuuming, and cleaning. One area of the home that inspectors often look at is the oven. Ovens can be notoriously difficult to clean and the inspector wants to see how the home is being looked after. The problem is that many tenants forget to clean their oven!

If you have forgotten to clean your oven or you are finding it too difficult to clean, the good news is that oven cleaning in Gloucester is available from professional cleaning companies who specialise in this sort of thing. So, what can they offer that you can’t do yourself? Consider the following benefits:

  • Quick and efficient cleaning that is effective at eliminating built-up grime, soot, fat, food debris, and grease
  • The use of high quality cleaning chemicals and products that are friendly to the environment so you don’t have to worry about strong smells and toxins in your food preparation area
  • The capacity to clean ovens of all types and sizes, including commercial units

Helping Your Next Home Inspection Go Smoothly

Property inspections are a key component of most rental agreements, even though they can be something of a headache for the tenants themselves. If you are struggling to find time to clean things such as your oven and you are worried that this might affect your ability to live in the home, why not choose to let the professionals do it instead? It can save you time and headache, and can help ensure that your next inspection goes well for you!

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