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Does Your Gutter Provide Enough Protection?

If you have a gutter, you know that it does its job when it rains. If the gutter is effective, it will direct the water down the downspout and away from the roof. In this case, it is protecting the roof whether it is made of metal or asphalt shingles.

However, this type of protection can also cause clogs or obstructions, especially if you don’t clean the gutter of leaf or twig debris. Over time, the gutters may become swollen with water when it rains and even lose their stability. When this happens, you cannot use the gutter for its intended purpose.

Don’t Risk a Fall or a Broken Neck

If you don’t want to clean out the gutter continually or risk breaking your neck falling off a ladder, you need to find a way to prevent leaves and twigs from entering your gutter. This can be easily done if you find a gutter guard product that will keep the leaves and twigs from entering the gutter and clogging it.

When you take this approach, you can rest easy about the effectiveness of your gutter. This type of guard is made of a mesh screen that keeps leaves from getting trapped in the guttering. Instead, they become suspended on the mesh, which keeps the gutter clear and dependable.

The wind eventually dries and causes the leaves to fall naturally to the ground. Therefore, instead of cleaning leaves out of your gutter, you clean them off the ground, which is a much safer place to be if you want to get rid of leaves.

If you don’t take care of leaves this way, the leaves ultimately break down and form into a mulch that holds excess moisture. When this happens, they block the downpipes and flood the eaves, including your indoor ceilings. In return, you are faced with a costly repair.

When you use a guard for your gutters, find a product that has been fire-rated so it stands up well in areas where brush fires can be a problem. You also want a lightweight aluminium material. This same metal mesh can be used to keep leaves out of your gutter and control the antics of birds.

Two Basic Selections

You can choose from expanded aluminium gutters or woven aluminium. In either case, you will get good results. If you choose woven aluminium, you will receive a barrier that is both taut and uniform in looks. The guard is designed in this way to prevent fraying at tension points, which often occurs with metal meshes.

This type of guard meets the standards for fire resistance in bushfire prone spots and accepts a heavy downpour without the problem of sheeting on a moderately pitched roof. The open mesh permits basic visual inspection as well and cannot be easily detected when placed over guttering.

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