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Does Your Business Need New Roller Shutters?

Did you know that potential thieves look out for weak spots in a property so that they can easily enter it? The problem is that the rates of crime have increased in many of our towns and cities, and this has placed undue pressure on business owners. Can you really afford not to look at your level of security under these circumstances?

How About New Roller Shutters?

One area that most people forget when they conduct a security audit is the roller shutters. Indeed, many businesses use roller shutters, but those that have seen better days could represent an opportunity for would-be thieves and undesirables.

If you’ve decided to enhance the security around your property, places such as offer commercial grade roller shutters. But, where might these roller shutters be used? Consider the following:

  • Warehouses: Commercial roller shutters are manufactured to high tolerances from high-quality materials. Unlike roller shutters for residential use, they also come in very large sizes to suit commercial applications, such as warehouses.
  • Shopfront: Many retail businesses still maintain a brick and mortar store, but this also means that security needs to be tight to protect goods and valuables. Many thieves target the shopfront windows, leaving a big mess and lots of damage behind them. One of the best ways to bump up physical security is to have a commercial roller shutter installed over the shopfront windows. This provides an extra physical barrier and is more convenient than paying out for security film for glass window panes.
  • Industrial use: Commercial roller shutters are ideal for industrial properties where security and convenience is of high concern.

Signs That Your Roller Shutter May Need Replacing

If you have old roller shutters installed already around your commercial property, when was the last time that you checked in on their function and health? The problem is that every roller shutter has a maximum lifespan at which point they will need repair or replacement.

So, how do you know when your commercial roller shutter needs some tender loving care or a full replacement? Consider the following:

  • Grinding: If you have a roller shutter that features an electric motor for opening and closing duties, it’s important that it’s working correctly. If you hear grinding or other noises coming from the motor, it might be time to consider replacing the entire roller shutter door. You really don’t want the roller shutter stuck open after hours because the motor has failed.
  • Stuttering: When your electric motor shutter is slow to open and close and is stuttering in operation, there’s a problem that needs to be fixed.

If you have a business, you can’t afford not to have the best security available. Your profits and the jobs of those you employ depend on it. Commercial roller shutters represent an excellent first line of physical defence against burglary and trespass. Whether you need to replace your old roller shutters or you just need to bulk up your security, they’re a great investment.

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