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Choose the Up-and-Over Design for Your Next Garage Door

It’s certainly no secret that garages have gone through a lot of changes through the years. They have been an important part of life for decades, used to protect vehicles, of course, but also providing space for a variety of items from paint to lawn mowers. Once the car became a staple in many families, it was necessary to have a space designed specifically to protect this investment. Many property owners converted a carriage house when horse-drawn vehicles began to disappear from the scene.

One of the noticeable changes connected with the garage involved the door, which was originally a barn door that the owner could swing open when he or she needed access. These large, heavy doors were difficult to move, an issue that lead to sliding doors. However, these were not as practical as you might think because in many cases, the structure had to be very wide or the door had to slide out into open space on a rail protruding from the wall.

Overhead Door

It didn’t take too long for someone to devise an overhead door, which was soon followed by a door that could be opened with an electric motor. In the 1940s, builders and designers began to include the garage as part of the house structure, the roots of the “attached” and “unattached” difference. Now the vast majority of homes have at least a single-car garage and as time passed, companies began to offer different door types. One of the most popular is the up-and-over design.

Now you can purchase insulated up-and-over garage doors in Nottingham that provide easy operation and great security with one-piece design and use of a number of materials. The name comes from the motion of the door that is lifted up and lays flat above the garage surface. When you browse the website maintained by one of the specialists in garage doors, be sure to gather the information you need about two distinct designs: canopy and retractable. Panel weight restricts double-width doors to the retractable design.

Best for You?

The canopy operating-gear door is an efficient and cost-effective option, thanks to basic design and ease of use. This door creates a sort of canopy when it is opened as part of the door extends outside of the garage opening. Rolling wheels and a folding arm are used on each side with the wheels following tracks as the door is raised.

The retractable operating-gear door is very practical and is probably the best option for those who need a heavier door of greater width. This design uses spring-loaded arms that are attached to the frame at the floor and also are attached to the door at the bottom of the panel. This design also uses roller wheels, and is suitable for electric-motor operation.

This is a traditional style door that will fit with many home designs. Quality up-and-over doors provide excellent home security and long-term, worry-free operation. With careful measurement and installation by garage door specialists, you can expect to get a great fit and years of service.

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