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2019 Interior Design Trends

If you are a keen observer of interior design trends and like to keep up to date with the latest fashion, there are a few key areas to consider in 2019. Design and colour, the use of fabric and accessories all make a big difference to the aesthetic and comfort of a home. Whether you are looking to re-evaluate how your living room is designed, want to add a dash of flare and colour to your bedroom, or you have a brand new conservatory or garden room that requires your personal design touch to finish it off, there will be some ideas for you right here.

One of the biggest trends for interior design in 2019 is to go all in with clashing patterns. Be brash and brave with your choices of patterns, putting in plenty of cushions and throws that have different patterns. Why not have a floral print cushion on a chair that has an animal skin throw over the top of it? If you are to go down this route, maybe choose one designer brand to have some form of consistency throughout the room, even if the designs themselves clash.

Nature is also a magnificent inspiration with modern interior design. This should especially ring true if you are planning the interior design for a brand new conservatory or garden room, where there is a sort of transition space between your home and back garden. Use natural, green tones and shades when decorating, add real plants and flowers to create a really calming area in your home.

One of the favourite tones this year when decorating is midnight jewel, including navy blue, teal, turquoise and deep aqua. When you are adding the finishing touches to a room that is lacking in space and room, a deep blue tone as the main colour, added to small touches of gold or pink and layered lighting can make all the difference, creating luxury and comfort.

The touch of pink is mentioned for a reason, as although many interior design trends recommend sticking with grey as a neutral tone, shades of pink such as Farrow & Ball and Sulking Room are lauded as the new neutral. It helps to update your home, breathing new life into a space that may have become tired and dated.

One other interior design trend to look out for is the creation of a home bar, whether in the form of an actual corner of a room that is created as a personal cocktail mixing area, or a vintage trolley. When entertaining guests this is a fantastic way to create a buzz, to have some fun, but to also have a dedicated space and flexible way to bring out the drinks. Do so from the comfort of a large velvet sofa, in a comforting shade chosen from above and you’ve got yourself the perfect relaxing area of your home.

Interior design trends continue to change at pace, but with these ideas you can stay up to date with the cool kids and make sure that your living room, bedroom, conservatory or garden room is finished with beautiful touches and interior design perfection.

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